Enabling patients with IV therapy to wash autonomously.


The BedalPatch offers a wide range of benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Increasing patient autonomy
Decreasing nursing time
Versatile: usable for CVC, Hickman, Ports,...
Keep infusion line connected
No need for fixation dressing change

Clinical Support

The use of sutureless stabilization devices for catheters is supported by a vast amount of scientific publications, and by the existing guidelines.

What do the users say?

The Drainpatch was developed in close collaboration with leading university hospitals. Multiple clinical trials have been set up to understand the patient needs and impact.


Watch our explanatory video and learn how to use the device.


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Press & Awards

Bedal in the press. We have won awards with our revolutionary product.

Happy aging

Winner of the pitch competition of the Happy aging day

Aging 2.0

Winner of the European pitch competition

EIT Health

Selected for the Head Start program (50K€ grant)