Innovative solutions for securing catheters safely and easily.

What we do

Bedal develops catheter stabilization devices that excel in performance, ease of use and patient comfort.


Custom made devices

We have the knowledge and experience to develop and produce custom made catheter stabilization devices. We pride ourselves in delivering you the best possible solution for the stabilization of your catheters, and are able to do this in quick turnaround times. Customization can range from a unique color of the devices, up until fully new systems based on our IP. We can deliver devices in bulk for inclusion in procedure kits or as a seperate sterilized device.

Our process for custom made devices

We interview the different stakeholders in the company to identify the device specifications and requirements. We develop and present a product specification document that outlines the user needs and the required performance.

Concept Development
Concept development

We develop several product concepts of the new stabilization device, and make photorealistic visualizations of how the device will look like and function. During a review, the preferred product concept, or combination of concepts, is selected.

Concept Development

We develop and assemble several 3D printed prototypes of the device, that look and function like a final device. During an interactive workshop we present the prototypes, and they can be put to the test. Based on this workshop, the final product configuration is selected.

Production & registration

Bedal brings the product into production, and registers the device in the required geography. Sterilization validation can be done by Bedal, or by the client, depending on the product configuration.

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About Bedal

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The story behind Bedal

Bedal was founded based on the personal experiences of one of the founders. When David was diagnosed with cancer, he was hospitalized regularly for treatment, and had firsthand experience of the challenges faced by patients.

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Advisory Board

Bedal relies on the expertise and knowledge of both clinical specialists as well as industry experts with a thorough understanding of the medical device domain. Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of doctors and nurses with a deep experience in the field of catheter care. Additionally, we are supported by an international team of industry experts.

Trusted and supported by

Bedal is honoured to be trusted and supported by several organizations that help companies build and scale their innovative solutions

Team, Mission & Values

We believe that the lives of patients and healthcare workers can be improved by high performing products that are developed based on a thorough understanding of the user needs.
Our Mission is to provide cost-effective, best-in-class catheter securement solutions to improve patient outcome, safety and autonomy.
We value open and honest communication, authenticity, an entrepreneurial attitude and ownership.

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We are always looking for talented and ambitious professionals that want to part of our story. Check out the open vacancies here.

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