Catheters can be a pain. Literally. Bedal’s FlexGRIP® products strongly improve catheter stabilization—reducing the risk of dislodgement, infection, and kinking. Bonus: FlexGRIP® makes for a much more comfortable experience.

Meeting your needs

The Bedal FlexGRIP devices are designed to be comfortable, user friendly, safe and flexible

  • FlexGRIP devices
  • FlexGRIP Universal
    Applicable for any tubing between 5Fr and 18Fr
    Feel secure and comfortable with strong PICC stabilization
  • FlexGRIP CVC
    Delivering strong stabilization for CVC catheters

Treatments & Features

The Bedal FlexGRIP devices are usable for a wide range of applications

Universal system, wide variety of applications
Prevent catheter migration & related complications
Extra safety lip prevents accidental loosening
Release liners easy to grasp & remove
High performing adhesive - safe & secure skin fixation
Optimal patient comfort due to soft materials

Clinical Support

The use of sutureless stabilization devices for catheters is supported by a vast amount of scientific publications, and by the existing guidelines.


"The Bedal devices have a real tangible impact on my well being as a patient."

Edith De Landsheer, user of Bedal devices for nephrostomy catheter

Clinical Use

Watch the Bedal devices in clinical use.