We're Bedal

We create innovative solutions for catheter stabilization.

BioVille Diepenbeek

The story behind Bedal

Bedal was founded based on the personal experiences of one of the founders. When David was diagnosed with cancer, he was hospitalized regularly for treatment. During this treatment, he was confronted with the practical difficulties of patients with an intravenous catheter. Based on this experience he set out to improve the experience for patients with catheters.

Our mission & values

Open and honest communication

We believe open and honest communication helps us to improve ourselves and the company


We believe authenticity is the best and most durable communication style

An entrepreneurial attitude

We want to move things forward and are open for new and unexplored ways of working


Each one of us takes ownership to reach out best performance


Our management team

Alexander Van Damme

Alexander is partner in Bedal, he holds a degree in bio-engineering and in Economics. Alexander has an extensive experience in integral product development and in the successful launching and licensing of new products.

Franc Wijdeveld

Franc is partner in Bedal, he holds a degree in mechanical engineering and in Business Administration. Franc has +25y experience in the medical device industry with senior management roles in several international medical companies.

ISO13485 certificate

Bedal develops and markets its devices according to a ISO13485 certified quality management system.